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Certified CBT & NLP  Practitioner and Coach
  Re-wire the subconscious thinking. Create FREEDOM
from unwanted
Repetitive: Thoughts, Feeling, and Behaviors
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Hey There!
Let me introduce myself... I'm Leah Marie, a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.
If you were to ask my clients what I do, you would hear phrases like Transformational Coach”, “miracle worker“, or a personal favorite of mine “Jedi Master of mind tricks”.

I'm a Transformation Specialist! Using my background and training in the Behavioral Sciences  
I help Create Freedom!

We all know, to create lasting change no matter if it's in health, wealth creation or in our relationships we need to go deeper than just desire and hard work. 
Creating Change on a transformational level means becoming something MORE! 

To move past the struggle of doing, we utilize working with the subconscious instead of against it. Using the Tools and Strategies that our brains thrive on, developing "upgrades" in our thought and behavior systems so everything is running faster and smoother towards our Goals.

I have coached Stay at Home Moms, and The Start up Entrepreneur to Olympic level athletes, award winning CEO’s, accredited investors, top earners of their industry and yes even a rocket scientist. 

So no matter where you fit in all that… I got you!
Coaching you to Conquer the Invisible Hurdles hidden in the Growth journey! 
How I help my clients
I SEE YOU... your gifts, your talents, your abilities your worth! I believe in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself!
I give you the Support, Stretch, Tools and Strategies you crave and need to become who you are meant to BE
I take you by the hand and guide you in Discovering, Creating and then Multiplying your FREEDOM so that you can then recreate this anywhere in your life!

Have you ever tried to create a NEW habit or step outside the comfort zone to grow personally and experienced one or more of the following....

  • Fear that stops you in your tracks
  • Feast and famine cycle of success toward your goal
  • Struggle with consistency or confidence
  • ​Negative repetitive thoughts, feeling or actions that hold you back from your goal
  • What was working isn't working anymore or isn't sustainable long term
  • Work-life harmony is hanging by a thread as you live the NIGHTMARE to create THE DREAM

 I help you re-wire their subconscious (minds playbook) in order to create faster, smoother, simpler results that last without the pushback!

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"Leah I was really impressed with the calm, gentle, yet professional way you treated me during my recent Rewind Session with you.
I did not experience any anxiety that I have historically when attending other types of therapy or counseling sessions attempting to treat my PTSD. 

At the conclusion of our relatively short session, I felt immediate positive results. My stress around the particular issue, that I wanted help with, has gone from about an 8 to a 1 . 

Thank you so much. I will use you again to tackle more of my issues and I have wholeheartedly, already recommended you to friends and family. 

Thank you again."

- Catherine Ransome

"I have done the whole diet thing. Many times over especially after each baby! Results never sticking. This time I wanted to not just get results but have a habit and Life style change. Not a quick fix. I wanted to sustain my results not put them on repeat again down the road. I chose to start with the Reset Cleanse and then went into a customized 12 week program fit for my busy life. We weren't even half way through when I realized I had not 1 but 2 full bags or Oreo cookies in my cupboard untouched! This was HUGE my sugar cravings were diminishing and I had no feelings of deprivation. My WANTS were changing. In total I lost 20 lbs., my wedding ring fits again, and my "skinny skirt" was even a bit loose. It felt amazing to see these results with out turning my life inside out or upside down. Instead I was in control. This is a change I can live with!"

- Kristen J.

"Leah, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our sessions together. You made me feel comfortable and at ease discussing some very painful situations form my past. I now believe I'm going to be my BEST me and reach my goals. I would recommend your services to anyone who has a life struggles in ANY category!"

- Anne

"Using the techniques and really opening myself up to change during my program, brought a sense of calm into my life. I felt like for the first time I could see how to make my goals a reality. what steps I could take to get the results I had been searching for. Thank you Leah for the support and stretch"

- Maria

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