Leah Marie
Certified NLP/CBT Practitioner and Coach
Coaching Programs
Coaching entrepreneurs to conquer the Invisible and accomplish the Impossible!

Group Coaching

Master Reset
 Group Coaching Program
(Newly Curated into a 12 week program)
The Master Reset will give you the ability to:
  • Take ownership of your life
  • ​Create healthy boundaries
  • ​Prevent outside influence from affecting your performance
  • ​Get focused and fulfilled
  • Create and live freedom on your terms 
This is Katie's Experience with the Master Reset (when it was a 12 program)
Katie's Story Part 1
Katie's Story Part 2

Small Group Coaching

Flip the Switch
6 Week Mastermind Group Coaching Program
This is the perfect mix of 1:1 style coaching with the beauty of group support and group pricing!

 Jump-starting productivity is the name of the game in this 6 week mastermind” 

Go DEEP with these 3 needle moving practices...
A) Turn brain ON/OFF to 10x productivity and focus the internal mind.

B) Bypass the subconscious’ security system to upgrade a NEW thought loop that runs smoother and faster .

C) Anchor new thoughts for lasting results.

Listen to Aaron's Story

1 on 1 Coaching

Master of Me
This Program is custom-designed to fit the individual!
We use the BRIDGE framework alongside the Three Pillars (Learning, Doing, Being) which make up the foundation of Master of Me.

This program is really for those who have seen success, tasted it, and lived it..... but find they just don't have the freedom, fun, and fulfillment.

You have nothing to lose and Everything to Gain!

Confidence, Peace of mind, Fulfillment, Enhanced Performance and a return to FUN is the GIFT inside this Master of Me Program!
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